The Institute


Studies on spatial development, as well as by sectors of the economy

  • The Institute has developed Predictive scheme for spatial development to 2020.
  • At the framework of studies on the territorial and sectoral development of the Institute developed a methodology, and assisted by the local executive bodies to develop a program of development areas in the five year period.
  • The Institute actively participated in the preparation of expert opinions on designed and developed by industry programs.

Methodological and analytical maintenance and management development of investment processes in the RK

  • The Institute was one of the main developers of the State program for accelerated industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Map of industrialization, capacity allocation schemes.
  • At the order to monitor the investment projects under the Program, in 2009 the Institute has developed a method of investment processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

System monitoring of economic processes in the country and the world using the latest IT-technologies and development of recommendations on measures to rapid response

  • The Institute has developed and implemented information-analytical system to support operational and system of state regulation of the economy in sectors and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Monitoring of economic processes is carried out by the of macroeconomic analysis and forecast of development of Kazakhstan's economy in the short, medium and long term, to develop recommendations for the implementation of macroeconomic policies.

Research in the field of public planning

  • In order to provide methodological assistance to central and local government agencies in developing strategic and operational plans for the effective functioning of the new system of state planning has been prepared by the Institute of methodological framework introducing performance-based budgeting for results.
  • The reform of the state planning system (SPS), developed strategic plans (SP) and Operational Plans (OP) of the central government.

Evaluation and scientific and economic expertise of socio-economic impacts of legislation

  • This direction in the activities of the Institute is one of the priorities for the future.
  • In this study, in order to develop common approaches to assessing the socio-economic impacts of the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Institute legislation have been developed and Guidelines Manual for the assessment of the socio-economic impacts of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Conducting of international scientific research and integration into the global scientific community

  • One of the achievements of the Institute can rightly be considered the beginning of 2007 assessment project the level of competitiveness of Kazakhstan according to the method of the Institute for Management Development (IMD).
  • To implement the President's initiative on the establishment of the Eurasian Club of Scientists, in June 2008 the Institute established the Association "Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists".
  • Colossal work has been done on the organization of Astana Economic Forum held annually in the framework of the Association "Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists".

Membership in international organizations