Economic Research Institute has a rich history, which dates back to 1961. This year the Institute, one of the oldest think tanks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, marks its 55th anniversary. The Institute has been actively providing assistance to the Government, particularly to the Ministry of National Economy, by submitting economic policy recommendations aimed at implementation of structural reforms that are required for sustainable economic growth. The members of the Institute are actively involved in the development of the most important documents of the state planning system, execution of long-term objectives, specified in public document named “Kazakhstan-2050”, implementation of the “Nation`s Plan” under the Five Institutional Reforms, and elaboration of practical recommendations for joining the ranks of the top 30 developed countries in the world.

Today, due to fast changing global economy, the Government is forced to quickly adjust to new economic realities. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for empirical economic research that provides a comprehensive analysis of the current economic conditions. The scientific analysis of both global economy and Kazakhstan`s economic situation enables policymakers to make informed decisions concerning the economic issues. Thus, key objective of the Economic Research Institute is to produce effective and timely scientific economic research that determines the short- and long-term risks and forecasts; and to provide the Government with assistance in economic problem-solving by facilitating productive, inclusive and sustainable development.