Digest "National Economy: OECD"

National Economy: OECD is a monthly digest of OECD events. 

ERI experts prepare it on the basis of the OECD database. Each issue covers the previous month's key news, OECD statistics, and a roundup of current OECD analyses. 

The digest includes a schedule of upcoming events of the OECD Working Bodies, in which the Republic of Kazakhstan is a member.
National Economy: OECD №1 OECD News / OECD Statistics / G20 GDP Slows in Q4 2021 / Unemployment / Consumer Price Inflation, OECD - March 2022 / OECD Surveys / Reports / Proposal for a Global Quality Infrastructure Certification Scheme / Implementation of the OECD Anti-Corruption Convention / SME Financing and entrepreneurs 2022 / Upcoming OECD events for April 2022
Size: 1.88 МБ

National Economy: OECD №2 OECD News / OECD Statistics / OECD Reviews/Reports / Promoting Enterprise Digitalization in Azerbaijan / Solar Energy Policy in Uzbekistan: A Roadmap / OECD Economic Outlook: China / Upcoming OECD Events for May 2022
Size: 1.58 МБ

National Economy: OECD №3 OECD News/ OECD Statistics / OECD Reviews/Reports / The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Condition and Stability of the Financial Market / Payroll Taxation / Sovereign Loans. Outlook 2022 / International investment implications of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine / Upcoming OECD events for June 2022
Size: 1.99 МБ

National Economy: OECD №4 OECD News / OECD Statistics / OECD Surveys / Reports / OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2022 Issue 1: Draft / Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2022 / Youth at the Center of Government Action: Overview of the Middle East and North Africa / Tax Administration 2022: Comparative information on the OECD and other advanced and emerging economies / Upcoming OECD events for July 2022
Size: 1.96 МБ

National Economy: OECD №5 OECD News / OECD Statistics / OECD Surveys/Reports / Taxation of Housing in OECD Countries / OECD Guide to Measuring the Space Economy (2nd Edition) / Building Confidence to Strengthen Democracy / Using Educational Research in Policy and Practice
Size: 1.45 МБ

National Economy: OECD №6 OECD News / OECD Statistics / OECD Surveys/Reports / Legal and Regulatory Framework for Carbon Capture, Use and Storage / Does Higher Education Teach Students to Think Critically / OECD Economic Review: UK / OECD Investment Policy Review: Bulgaria / OECD Tax Policy Review: Colombia / Upcoming OECD events for September 2022
Size: 1.57 МБ

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Digest "National Economy: OECD"

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