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Economic Research Institute is the state leading institution that’s been studying problems of integrated development of Kazakhstan’s economy since 1961.

Economic Research Institute is aimed to provide analytical support for the country's economic strategy implementation and forecasting of its perspectives, promote sustainable economic growth, improve the level and quality of people’s life.

The world economy is changing dynamically and the country's leadership must quickly adapt to the new economic realities. In this regard, there is a growing demand  for scientific economic research that provides a qualitative analysis of the current economic situation. In order to make strategic decisions and pursue the most effective economic policy, the country's government should rely on scientific analysis of the world economy and the economic situation of Kazakhstan.

Therefore, the Economic Research Institute has been actively involved in development process of the most important state programs and legal acts, and in assessment of the country’s economic situation. Particular attention is paid to strategic and program documents monitoring and revising, as well as to applied scientific research in the field of economics based on the modern economic and mathematical models.

We have a wide network of partners in scientific circles (both within Kazakhstan and abroad), government bodies and business entities. We are also expanding our global partnership by means of collaborative research, seminars and collaborative activities.

Economic Research Institute aims to create a platform for knowledge exchange by mobilizing domestic and foreign experience to solve the domestic and global problems that Kazakhstan faces.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We are looking forward to your support in the future.

Institute Activities 


Economic Research Institute is highly valued for its broad economic forecast experience accumulated over the past 60 years:
  • short-term forecasts; 
  • medium-term forecasts; 
  • long-term forecasts; 
  • monitoring of the country’s and the world economic processes using the latest IT technologies and development of recommendations for an operational response; 
  • development of models for socio-economic forecasting.

Strategic Research and Developments 

Economic Research Institute (ERI) conducts research in the field of macroeconomics, finance, industry and management.

We have taken part in development and implementation of a number of strategic documents, including:
  • the Concept of Kazakhstan becoming one of the 30 most developed countries in the world;
  • the Program for the service sector development until 2030;
  • the ‘Plan of the Nation’ within the framework of 5 Institutional Reforms;
  • the Strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025;
  • the National export strategy;
  • the first Voluntary National Review on the implementation of the sustainable development goals;
  • the project of the national report on competitiveness of Kazakhstan;
  • the Project of the National Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025.

ERI conducted joint expertise in the development of strategic documents with international companies (Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and Company). This allowed our experts to learn from the unique experience of international experts. 

Particular attention is paid to assessment and scientific and economic expertise of socio-economic consequences of draft laws being developed by state bodies.

Regional Development

Economic Research Institute is actively involved in improving the standards governing the activities of local executive bodies. In this regard, special attention is paid to research on the regions development, as well as relevant programs for the territories development.

As a result the following had been achieved:
  • Predictive scheme of the country spatial development until 2030;
  • The state program for the regions development until 2025, including recommendations for the further development of cities and rural settlements, target indicators and performance indicators; promising rural settlements are identified;
  • The Kostanay city development strategy until 2050;
  • Atyrau city development strategy until 2050 and the roadmap for its implementation.

Entrepreneurship Development 

Economic Research Institute has conducted more than 20 studies in the field of entrepreneurship development, SMEs state support, entrepreneurship government regulation improvement, business costs reducing, improving of Kazakhstan's position in the Doing Business rating of the World Bank. 

In the course of this work the fallowing was developed and introduced: 
  • The ranking of doing business accessibility in the regions, as well as the appropriate methodology and ranking of regions and cities;
  • Provision of the business environment improving services based on the results of the ranking of regions and cities on the doing business easiness;
  • The methodology and related rules for conducting of regulatory impact analysis by government bodies; 
  • The methodology for conducting an inventory of licensing procedures (documents) and notifications; 
  • 8 packages of legislative amendments aimed at improving the position of Kazakhstan in the Doing Business rating; 
  • Comprehensive action plans to improve the World Bank's Doing Business rating indicators for 2019-2020;
  • The subnational World Bank Doing Business rating was introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ESG expertise

Within the framework of the main direction, participation is carried out in formation of the agenda of sustainable economic development in accordance with the principles of ESG, low-carbon development, green economy in Kazakhstan at the state level, development of appropriate recommendations and proposals, including legislative initiatives.

In addition, the documents of the state planning system (strategies, concepts, development plans, national projects) are being developed.

Analytical and expert/consulting support is provided to businesses on issues of sustainable
development, introduction and implementation of practices by Kazakhstan companies that meet
the principles of ESG, low-carbon development, and green economy.

International activities

Economic Research Institute actively cooperates with the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Program, etc. in various areas of research.
Since 2015 the Institute has been included in the ranking of the ‘think tanks’ of the world, conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program (TTCSP) of the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

ERI actively cooperates in various areas of research and has established expert links with the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the United Nations Development Program, the European Union, the Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) and others.
In 2014 ERI co-hosted the 47th Annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank on the theme "Silk Road: Connecting Asia to a Changing World".
For five years ERI was one of the mai.organizers of the Astana Economic Forum (from 2015 to 2019).
Since 2015, ERI has been included in the ranking of "think tanks " of the world, conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program (TTCSP) of the University of Pennsylvania (USA). In 2021, ERI ranked sixth among 58 think tanks in the Central Asian region.
ERI is the official partner of the international IMD rating in Kazakhstan, as well as the Secretariat for the Sustainable Development Goals.
The ERI is defined by th.organization responsible for interaction on OECD issues. In addition, the Institute of Economic Research serves as the Secretariat of the National Contact Center. 

Social Media

We’ve been working actively throughout the media space on following:

-Scientific-analytical magazines
Since 2004 the economic journal "Journal of Economy and Finance" (formerly "EFI: Economics. Finance. Research") has been issued quaterly which publishes scientific articles and research.
Since 2021 the new analytical electronic magazine ‘National Economy’ has been published for limited use in two formats – on a weekly basis (‘National Economy Monitor’)and on a monthly basis (‘National Economy Report’). They are devoted to current economic problems in the country and abroad.

- web-site
The web-site www.economy.kz is being provided content-wise constantly offering all the visitors and followers general information about ERI activities as well as all kinds of analytical info

-Social media resources (Telegram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube)
ERI’s analytical activities are well reflected via Social media resources whereas all the actual and up to date information on both worldwide and Kazakhstani economic news are being posted.

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