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Competitiveness analysis

The main activities

The main area of research and development is expert provision and analytical support of participation in international competitiveness ratings of the International Institute for Management Development IMD. Economic Research Institute conducts research on comprehensive analysis Kazakhstan competitiveness.

Our advantages

Since 2008, the Economic Research Institute has been an official partner and operator of the International Institute for Management Development in the field of ensuring the accessibility of Kazakhstan in the IMD competitiveness rating through a survey and provision of high-quality statistical data, including working with departmental statistics.

Also available:

- accumulated experience, expertise and competencies for consultation, a knowledge base (over 15 years) on the level of Kazakhstan’s competitiveness in international ratings: systematic studies are carried out for comprehensive monitoring and analyzing the country's competitiveness level and for developing measures to increase it;
- skills of interaction with international organizations, ensuring communications between the Government and the International Institute for Management Development.

Our projects

- Strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025;
- Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the country's competitiveness based on the results of international ratings and on the development of  improving measures;
- Preparation of the National report on the state of Kazakhstan competitiveness.

Monitoring of national competitiveness Monitoring of national competitiveness
Competitiveness reports The competitiveness of the state is the ability to improve the welfare of citizens.
Annual reports on the GIK WEF Global Competitiveness Report
IMD rating The IMD World Competitiveness Ranking
Doing Busines rating World Bank Group Annual Survey
Global Innovation Index Ranking of the countries of the world in terms of the level of innovation development
Corruption Perceptions Index Indicator to reflect the assessment of the level of perception of corruption

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