Scientific Economic Expertise

The main activities

The Economic Research Institute is conducting the republican bills scientific economic examination.

The examination is carried out within 25 calendar days, an additional and repeated examination - within 5 working days.

According to the Rules for conducting scientific examination of draft legal acts, the state body-developer is obliged to assess the socio-economic consequences of the adopted bills, the results of which are reflected in the bill Passport. In turn, the Economic Research Institute conducts an examination of the bill assessment results impact on the state, business, and the population by the government body.

On the results of the expertise, scientifically based conclusions are made about the bill impact on macroeconomic efficiency, social development, entrepreneurship development, competitiveness parameters of the economy, economic security, development of trade and economic cooperation within the framework of international and regional organizations.

Comments and recommendations for the bill improvement can be also given by the expert opinion.

Our advantages

The Institute of Economic Research is constantly working to improve the quality of expertise. So, the Passport, which is the main tool for conducting the expertise, has been improved as well as methodological recommendations for its completion.
To carry out our expertise scientific potential is necessary. To date, the examination is carried out by a highly qualified staff consisting of 4 doctors of economic sciences, PhD in economics, 6 candidates of economic sciences, as well as masters of economics.
Our experts systematically take advanced training courses at leading foreign training centers.

In addition, the Economic Research Institute has developed and applied a set of tools for econometric modeling, which allows assessing the impact of draft laws on socio-economic indicators.
There is a number of methods used in the process of examination, such as the method of analysis of benefits and costs, the standard cost model, benchmarking, comparative analysis.

What research was carried out:

The expertise is carried out as part of the state task ‘Scientific and economic expertise of the Republic of Kazakhstan bills.’

Methodological support is provided for state bodies-regulatory acts developers, within the framework of the state assignment. So, 2 training seminars are held annually for improvement the assess quality of the RK laws socio-economic consequences.

What developments we took part in this area, how many project reviews were done:

At the present stage expertise in Kazakhstan is a tool for the validity assessments of amendments and additions introduced by the bill. The results of the expertise are taken into account by the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan when coordinating bills. The recommendations and comments of the Institute, based on the results of the examination, are taken into account and accepted for work by the state authorities-developers.
Over the entire examination period, more than 650 expert opinions were prepared in such areas as public administration and regulation, the budget process, business, investment and industry development, social security, the legal sphere, security, and other areas.

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