About NCP

NCP is a collegial advisory body that makes decisions on pending appeals on violations of the provisions of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (hereinafter - the OECD Guidelines), including information disclosure, human rights, labor and industrial relations, and combating  bribery, bribery and extortion, environmental protection, consumer interests, science and technology, competition and taxation.

The purpose of the NCP's activities is to implement the OECD Guidelines by raising awareness of the OECD Guidelines, considering complaints from individuals and (or) legal entities about violation of the OECD Guidelines and making decisions on them.

NCP while carrying out its activities is guided by the Constitution, laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, OECD Guidelines and the OECD Declaration.

In order to ensure th.organization of the NCP's work effectively the Secretariat had been created.

The functions of the Secretariat have been performed by the Joint Stock Company "Institute for Economic Research".

The main tasks of the NCP are:

1) raising awareness upon the OECD Guidelines (through the media, seminars, round tables)both publicly and business-wise;

2) addressing inquiries and complaints from applicants arising from alleged non-compliance by businesses with the OECD Guidelines;

3) cooperation and interaction with the national contact points of the OECD member countries when considering complaints of violation of the provisions of the OECD Guidelines (if necessary).

In order to implement the assigned tasks, the NCP:

1) carries out an objective, comprehensive and timely consideration of complaints about violation of the provisions of the OECD Guidelines;

2) interacts with all stakeholders (the business community, trade unions and other representatives of civil society, authorized government bodies) when considering complaints about violation of the provisions of the OECD Guidelines and making an objective decision on them;

3) makes decisions based on the results of consideration of applications for violation of the provisions of the OECD Guidelines;

4) ensures the availability of relevant materials on NCP's activities on the NCP's Internet resource;

5) prepares and publishes annual reports on the activities of the NCP;

6) annually develops the NCP's Work Plan.

On some issues of functioning of the National Contact Center
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Roadmap to promote and publicise the NCP
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Information booklet about NCC in English
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Order No. 124. About the creation of the National Contact Point
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Order No. 177. On amendments to order No. 124 "On the creation of the National Contact Point"
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