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Application Form for Violations of the OECD Guidelines for Мultinational Enterprises

About the appeal author Organization name or individual's full name:

Phone number:

Mailing address:

Email and website (if available):

Does this appeal represent the interests of the union or community?:

If yes, please explain your interest in this case and indicate the mandate or reason for filing the case.:

About th.organization The company's name:

Mailing address:

Phone number:

Email address:

Organizational and legal form / form of ownership (private, state):

About the appeal (specific case) Which sections of the Guidelines are affected by treatment?:

In which country / territorial unit did the violation occur?:

Describe the violations and how they relate to the specified sections of the OECD Guidelines:

Supporting documentation proving the validity of the appeal: reports, studies, evidence, etc.:

Does the appeal of NCP affect other countries? If so, which countries and the rationale why.:

In your opinion, what actions should the Enterprise take to solve the problem?:

Other production Have any other attempts been made to resolve the situation? If yes, what have been the results of alternative attempts to resolve the situation?:

Additional comments Additional comments related to the appeal:

Enter the number from the picture:

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