What are the advantages of NCP? The NCP guarantees that the application will be considered immediately (no more than within a year) and completely free of charge
What is the mechanism for submitting applications to the NCP? There are three ways to apply to the NCP:
What offences does the NCP consider? The National Contact Point handles complaints of violation by a multinational enterprise in the following areas: general policy, disclosure of information, human rights, employment and industrial relations, environmental protection, consumer interests, science and technology, competition and taxation, bribery, bribe solicitation and extortion.
What does the "information disclosure" principle mean? The "information disclosure" principle means that multinational companies must ensure that reliable and up-to-date information about their operations, structure, financial position, performance, ownership and management is provided on a timely and regular basis. The information disclosure policy should take into account the issues of costs, confidentiality of activities and other features of competition.
What does the "human rights" principle mean? The principle of "human rights" means that multinational companies, within the framework of the structure of human rights recognized at the international level, as well as the legislation of Kazakhstan, regardless of size, industry, type of activity, form of ownership and structure, must respect human rights regardless of the place of operation of the multinational company.
What does the "employment and industrial relations" principle mean? The principle of "employment and industrial relations" means that multinational companies in their activities should follow the principle of equal opportunities of employment rights and non-discrimination of their employees in the field of labor and employment on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, political beliefs, national origin or social affiliation, promote the prohibition of child labor, and prevent all forms of forced labor.
What does the "environmental protection" principle mean? According to the principle of "environmental protection", multinational companies should create and ensure the functioning of a system for the protection and rational use of the environment in accordance with the characteristics of the enterprise. Evaluate, and take into account when making decisions, the predictable environmental, health, and safety consequences of a multinational company's processes, products, and services throughout their entire life cycle. Promote development of an environmentally far-sighted and cost-effective public policy.
What does the "consumer interests" principle mean? Within the framework of the "consumer interests" principle, multinational companies should follow the practice of fair business, marketing and advertising when working with consumers, and take all measures to ensure safety and quality of the products and services offered.
What does the "science and technology" principle mean? According to the OECD Guideline on "science and technology", multinational companies should strive to ensure that their activities are in line with Kazakhstan's science and technology policies and plans, and should promote development of local and national innovation capacities. To the extent possible, develop relations with higher education institutions, state research institutes and participate in joint research projects with local producers or industry associations.
What does the "competition" principle mean? Under the principle of "competition," multinational companies should operate in accordance with the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On competition" and other legislative acts regulating issues of competition when the activities of multinational companies may lead to restriction of competition. Avoid entering into or implementing the following types of monopoly agreements between competitors, including agreements aimed at: price collusion, fraud in competitive bidding, restrictions or quotas on production, or division or fragmentation of markets through the distribution of customers, suppliers, territories or business lines.

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