The growth of gasoline export


Deliveries of domestic gasoline to foreign markets increased by 58 times in volume and 49 times in value terms compared to last year. In January–August 2020, the companies exported 362.1 thousand tons of motor gasoline, compared to only 6.3 thousand tons in the same period a year earlier. Fuel imports for the year fell 25 times.

Since the beginning of the year, Kazakhstan has produced almost 3 million tons of gasoline — plus 3% for the year. According to the results of seven months, the demand for gasoline (export plus sales in the domestic market) was almost fully met. The share of imports accounted for only a small 0.03 percent.

103.3 thousand tons of gasoline worth $ 36.7 million were sent to the CIS countries. . The main importing countries of Kazakhstan gasoline are Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. 258.8 thousand tons of motor gasoline worth $ 88.9 million were sent to the rest of the world . The main importers were Afghanistan, the Netherlands and Georgia.

In September 2020, gasoline prices in the domestic market of the country showed a slight annual increase: 92 RON rose by 2.8% over the year, to KZT 150.8 per liter, 95/96 RON — by 1.2%, to KZT 171.4, 98 RON — by 1.5%, to KZT 190.2. Price growth is possible in the future. The reason is the obligations to the Eurasian Economic Union: by 2025, the gap in gasoline prices in the EAEU countries should be reduced. A common market for oil and petroleum products will be created on the territory of the Union.

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