Date Set for Parliamentary Election


Elections of deputies to the Mazhilis of the Parliament will be held on January 10, 2021. Elections of deputies to the Mazhilis being elected by the Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan are scheduled for January 11, 2021

"Today I signed a Decree on the calling of the election of deputies to the Mazhilis of the Parliament. By the resolution of the Central Election Commission, election of deputies to maslikhats (local representative bodies) are scheduled at all levels. The upcoming election will be held within the constitutional term on January 10, 2021. All political parties had time to prepare for participation in the upcoming election campaign, develop an election platform, and improve the party infrastructure," - Akorda's Press Service reports.

The Head of State stressed that the upcoming election to maslikhats will be held on party lists for the first time. The proportional model fully corresponds to world democratic practice, contributes to the strengthening of political system, development of democracy, and activates the activities of political parties.
"These innovations will provide parties with additional opportunities to strengthen their positions in the country's political system" - the President concluded.

The previous, early elections to the Majilis were held in March 2016. They were won by the Nur Otan (Light of the Fatherland) party with 82.2% of the vote. The Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan and Ak Zhol (Path of Light) party also won seven seats in the Majilis.

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