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Now is not the time for celebrations on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence, President Kassym - Jomart Tokayev said during a meeting of the National Council of Public Trust.

"Next year is the year of the 30th anniversary of our independence. It should be marked by economic and political reforms, digitalization, protection of people's rights, development of health and education, and protection of the environment.

This is not the time for many celebrations to mark this important historical date. Without putting things on the cold storage, we shall achieve concrete results as soon as possible
" - he concluded

According to the Head of state, the world is currently going through a dramatic period. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed numerous problems in international relations, led to a revision of the established principles of economic interaction, laid the foundation for new social trends, and updated technological innovations.
"We see how the institution of the state itself is being tested for strength and effectiveness. The prospects for many global and regional projects in these conditions look, I should say, vague, and widespread ideological and philosophical concepts are being seriously revised" - he said at the fourth meeting of the National Council of Public Trust.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev stressed that the state should follow its social obligations to its citizens. "The Supreme Economic Council is faced with the task of developing completely new approaches to economic development. In particular, to tax and fiscal policy in order to be ready to meet new challenges of the post - pandemic period," he added.

Let us recall that the President proposed to prepare a Social code. This fundamentally new document will have a special status. With its introduction, the country's socially-oriented budget will be more transparent and understandable.


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