Ministry of Trade and Integration:


Bakhyt Sultanov, the Minister of Trade and Integration, during his speech in CCS (Central Communications Service) reported on 16 economic sectors with export potential.

"We have analyzed our production capabilities and the global trade market. We have identified 16 sectors that are most promising for increasing exports, totaling more than KZT 13.4 bln.," Bakhyt Sultanov communicated.

During his visit to Geneva, Bakhyt Sultanov presented a list of 40 products worth USD 275 mln. that Kazakhstan could additionally supply to the Swiss market: petrochemicals, food, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and construction products.

Speaking about the role of the Trade Department in the implementation of the September Presidential Address, Sultanov explained the progress in implementing the order on exchange trade:

"The first step is to expand the list of commodities. In addition, to increase the number of exchange participants, we are reducing the minimum size of the delivery batch from 600 to 60 tons. In other words, we give small and medium-sized producers the opportunity to sell their products through the exchange."

According to the Minister, all work on commodity exchanges will be aimed at maximum involvement of participants, both local and foreign, in the auction. This will allow to reduce the level of the gray economy and ensure adequate market pricing for commodities.

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