Common agricultural tax


Representatives of "Auyl" party and Alliance of Agricultural Associations decided to create common agricultural tax for all agricultural producers.

Organizations join their forces in supporting country's agriculture and signed a Memorandum on cooperation. At the conference on October 27, representatives of various sectors of agriculture discussed problems in their work and solutions for them.

Farmers want to know how much they should pay per hectare, explains Kairat Bissetayev, Chairman of the Union of Potato and Vegetable Growers.

"Today there is a difficult situation with personnel in rural areas. Not everyone can afford high - quality accounting and tax reporting. However we need to offer a simple fixed but understandable tax for the farmer in order to give a serious growth dynamics", he said.

Chairman of the Kazakhstan Meat Union, Maksut Baktibayev, proposed to remove VAT on agricultural products because it is actually paid by consumers at the end.

"Imagine this concrete example: if you have 10 thousand hectares of land and you cultivate them, then you pay about KZT 50 million for taxes. If you do not work and just keep empty land, you only pay land tax which will be KZT 500 thousand. But if there was a common agricultural tax, then the owner would pay KZT 50 million even for an empty land plot. No one in their right mind would keep this land and not cultivate it. Therefore, it would go to the person who would work on it. We also suggest paying this tax to the district budget. Today situation is like this: Nur-Sultan budget is KZT 700 billion, in other words, it is KZT 700 thousand for each person. City has flowers, crossroads, and borders that are changed several times. At the same time, there are no water pipes and normal roads in villages where the same country citizens live nowadays. Village is required to balance the budget expenditures per capita", said Baktibayev.

He also proposed to abolish taxes on new and secondary equipment imported from abroad. This way farmers will be able to quickly update their equipment and increase labor productivity.

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