During the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the results of digitalization in the economy sectors became known.
In the field of public transport, "100% of rolling stock is equipped with an electronic payment system, the share of electronic payment is 98%. Non-cash payment allowed to withdraw more than 40% of funds from the shadow turnover. A pilot project "Face Pay" is also being developed, which will help collect passenger biometric data. The system proved to be effective during the pandemic. In general, six types of payment have been worked out for the convenience of citizens," the Akim of Nur-Sultan Altay Kulginov said.

According to him, 17 more services in the field of architecture and land relations are being automated on the basis of the geoinformation portal.

"Previously, the process of acquiring a land plot, changing the purpose and other services due to the need to coordinate with all utilities and intereste.organizations took two weeks to 3 months. But now, the procedure has been shortened to a few days," the Akim stated.

"Also, when carrying out construction and installation works, developers faced a situation when engineering networks were on paper in one place, in fact – in another. Now all this is automated, which will certainly have a good effect, reduce corruption risks and bureaucracy, and solve effective monitoring issues. We will continue to work together with the Ministry of Digitalization and Aerospace Activities," A. Kulginov concluded.

The Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin said that services are being optimized in special PSCs of Kazakhstan. In particular, car purchase and sale services are available in mobile applications of Kazakhstan banks.

"Despite the fact that car registration is available online, people come directly to the special PSC and spend several hours. According to the new process, as soon as the buyer transfers money to the seller's account, the owner of the car immediately changes," Mussin said, adding that "in this way, only the service for issuing driver's licenses will remain at special PSCs. This service requires passing exams at the circuit. But at the moment there are none of them in East Kazakhstan and Turkestan."

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