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Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev pointed out the key tasks of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

«There are two tasks that face the Parliament. The Parliament has to adopt laws of high quality and become a centre to have pressing issues solved. It is necessary to update legislative system of the country in its entirety at large,» the President noted at today’s joint meeting of the Chambers of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. The President highlighted that the Parliament adopted 410 laws for the past five years.

«It is necessary to focus on small and medium business support. Another task is to create favorable conditions for doing business. It is crucial to develop entrepreneurship support mechanisms based on the conceptually new regulatory policy,» the President said.

«It is crucial to develop entrepreneurship support mechanisms based on conceptually new regulatory policy» - Tokayev added.

The Government is working at an important draft law that will be submitted to the Majilis June this year. The Head of State asked the deputies to address comprehensively the draft law taking into consideration of requests of entrepreneurs and public interest.

Kazakhstan plans to adopt the conceptually new system of state planning on January 29.

«At the next session of the Supreme Council on January 29 the principally new system of state planning, the updated National Development Plan until 2025, and the new state administration concept will be approved,» the President said.

As earlier reported, the 1st session of the Parliament of Kazakhstan of the VII convocation kicked off in Kazakh capital.

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