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In 2020, Kazakhstan produced food products for 1.9 trillion tenge - 18.4% more in monetary terms than a year earlier. Real growth was 4%.

By industry, the largest amount is accounted by the milling and cereal segment (375 billion tenge), dairy products (359.3 billion tenge) and the processing and canning of meat and meat products (312.5 billion tenge).

In physical terms, among the main food products, fresh, chilled or frozen fish production increased significantly - by 2.2 times more than a year earlier, to 61 thousand tons. Rice production increased by 38.3%, to 199.4 thousand tons, butter and spreads - by 30.1%, to 24.6 thousand tons.

Most of all food products were produced in Almaty and Kostanay regions, as well as in Almaty.

At the end of eleven months, domestic companies almost completely satisfied the demand (export plus sales on the domestic market) for such basic food products as flour (by 99.6%), meat (96.3%), processed milk and cream (by 95,  5%), rice (95.4%).

The Kazakh food industry provided more than half of the demand for such products as butter (by 77.5%) and sunflower oil (by 75.5%), as well as for fish and seafood (by 66.8%), sausage and other similar meat products (61%), poultry meat (57.6%), cheese and cottage cheese (50.3%).

Problems with self-sufficiency are noticeable in the sugar sector - there are only 21.4% of local products on the market, against 44.6% a year earlier. Sugar production fell by 30.7% to 175.2 thousand tons.

Sugar has significantly increased in price in annual dynamics - (by 32.8%). In addition, an increase in prices is observed for sunflower oil (by 33.7%), flour (by 16.3%), butter (by 13.6%), fresh or chilled fish (by 11.5%), cheese (  by 11.4%).

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