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At the 5th session of the National Council of Public Trust on Thursday, the Head of State called on to create inclusive environment for children with special needs.

As the number of children with special education needs is constantly growing, it is high time to improve the work in this direction, he said. The President instructed to introduce the state educational order for special psychological and pedagogical support of children with special needs. This, according to the Head of State, will allow to dramatically increase the number of children provided with those services. President Tokayev also tasked the Ministry of Education and Science to focus and work towards the realization of rights to education of the children with special needs.

Note, more than 695 thousand people with disabilities live in Kazakhstan, including 419.8 thousand of working age (60%), 180.6 thousand of retirement age (26%), 94.7 thousand children under 18 ( 14%).

In order to ensure the quality of life of persons with disabilities, in 2021 a draft law will be developed to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

In Akmola, Aktobe and Karaganda regions, it is planned to open new rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities.

"Ten Qogam centers will be opened in 15 regions. In Nur-Sultan and Almaty, such centers are already working successfully, providing people with disabilities with psychological and legal assistance, assistance in finding a job. The opening of the centers is envisaged in the Roadmap for the he Nur Otan party new program implementation. Akimats need to ensure the implementation of these measures,” the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported.

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