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16 module hospitals have been constructed and 3 infectious hospitals have been repaired across the country, Minister of Healthcare Alexei Tsoi said at the extended meeting of the ministry Monday.

«In order to render medical assistance to the population 16 module hospitals have been built and 3 infectious hospitals have been repaired in the cities of Kazakhstan. In addition, 63 outpatient clinics have been put into service,» Minister Tsoi told those present.

The minister added that measures had been taken to provide the population with necessary pharmaceuticals and medical products.

At the meeting, he also revealed that growth of investment into the healthcare sector had amounted to 302.5 billion tenge in 2020. That is 2.5fold more than in 2019.

Minister Tsoi stressed that frontline health workers received extra payments to the amount of 116 billion tenge for their selfless fight against COVID-19.

«I would like to praise heroism and commitment of all doctors, nurses, hospital aides, and other health workers who are fighting against the insufficiently studied virus despite running the risk of contracting it,» Tsoi said.

He also welcomed the decision made in 2020 to increase the salaries of doctors and health workers by 30% and 20%, respectively.

Note, that the first shots of the anti-coronavirus vaccine start  today for  teachers and employees of the law-enforcement agencies.

The second stage of the inoculation campaign will cover teachers of secondary schools, teachers of kindergartens, as well as police officers. There are some 15,000 people on the list of those to be inoculated within the framework of the second stage. 

Since February 1, 2,126 people have received their shots against the coronavirus infection in the Kazakh capital. Over 7,000 doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine have been delivered to the city this past weekend.

The voluntary vaccination campaign kicked off in Kazakhstan on February 1, 2021. As of February 24, the second dose of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine has been administered to over 2,000 Kazakhstanis.

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