Employment outlook announced


SerikShapkenov, the Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection, announced the unemployment outlook.

«The Ministry of Labor has an outlook that the unemployment rate is expected to be about 6.1% by the end of the year. When we make an outlook, there are several factors, both positive and negative. I can cite the pandemic as negative,»SerikShapkenov said during an online briefing in the CCS.

According to him, the Employment Roadmap (ERM) program gives positive results. «If in the first quarter the unemployment rate was 4.8%, then in the second quarter it was 5%. The «Enbek» Program and the ERM allowed to stop the unemployment rate within 5%.»

The need for state assistance in employment was previously outlined by AskarMamin, the Prime Minister.
«In general, I want to note that there are only 4 months left until the end of the year. Akimats need to strengthen efforts on the implementation of programs. In the current conditions, the primary task is to provide employment for citizens. We must not allow an imbalance to occur in the labor markets,» Mr. Mamin stressed at the Government Meeting on August 18.

The Prime Minister also instructed to create profiles of the unemployed.

«Measures should also be taken to optimize the business processes of the Electronic Labor Exchange. Akimats should create profiles of an unemployed persons and conduct targeted work with them to promote employment. It is necessary to achieve the planned employment indicators and pay attention to the creation of permanent jobs,» he added.

It should be noted that the country has optimized the list of infrastructure projects with an emphasis on creating permanent jobs and improving the social infrastructure of the regions. After completion of these projects, an additional 100,000 permanent jobs will be created in related industries.

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