Comprehensive Development Plans for Western Regions


At a government meeting chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, the Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov presented comprehensive plans for social and economic development of western regions, the Press Service of the MNE reports.

As Alibek Kuantyrov informed, new comprehensive plans for development of Aktobe and West Kazakhstan regions in 2022-2025 were developed in execution of the order of the Head of state, and the existing comprehensive plans for development of Atyrau and Mangistau regions in 2021-2025 were updated. The total amount of funding for the four plans is KZT 15.3 tln. In this case, the lion's share of funding falls on private investment - KZT 13.2 tln.

The Comprehensive Plan of Aktobe region consists of 92 activities with a total implementation amount of KZT 1.7 tln.

According to the Head of the Ministry of Economy, the region plans to implement major projects to develop renewable energy sources, construction of a plant for cement production, mining and processing complex of titanium-zirconium ores.

A special industrial zone will also be created with the involvement of foreign investors; the third line of "Bukhara-Ural" main gas pipeline will be built; 85 villages will be gasified and more than 1,300 km of roads will be modernized.

Health care facilities will be built in 18 villages. 224 schools will be modernized and a rehabilitation center will be built. There are plans to build two dormitories in Aktobe for college students.

"The implementation of the Comprehensive Plan by 2025 will ensure the growth of investment in fixed assets by more than 2.5 times to KZT 1.5 tln., the volume of industry - by 1.6 times from KZT 1.8 to 2.8 tln., the volume of gross agricultural production - by 37%. Also, 4.3 mln.sq.m of housing will be commissioned; the access to water services will be 100%," ­- stressed the Minister of National Economy.

As for the development plan of the West Kazakhstan region, it consists of 116 activities totaling KZT 2.6 tln.

It is planned to create an industrial zone in the region, build a foundry, an oil refinery and a cement plant.

In the area of agriculture it is foreseen to build 2 greenhouses, 25 feeding platforms, 10 commercial dairy farms, creation of 4 cage culture fish farms, restoration and expansion of irrigated lands from 6.6 thousand ha to 50 thousand ha and reconstruction of Kirov reservoir.

It is planned to build and reconstruct 1,211 km of water supply and sewerage networks, 46.2 km of heating networks and 2,051 km of power grids, reconstruct 29.7 km of "Rostoshi-Taipak" gas pipeline, repair and reconstruct 1,842 km of roads, and modernize the international airport in Uralsk.

A polyclinic, a cardiology center, 74 schools, a 650-bed dormitory for students and a 150-bed rehabilitation center will also be built.

"As a result of implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of West Kazakhstan region, by 2025 the volume of industry will increase by 55% and gross production of agriculture by 56%, the level of access to water services will reach 100%, and depreciation of power grids will decrease from 80% to 50%," Alibek Kuantyrov said.

The updated Comprehensive Development Plan of Atyrau region consists of 185 activities totaling KZT 8.9 tln.

As part of the Plan, a 400-hectare industrial zone will be created, a terephthalic acid plant and a wholesale and distribution center will be built.

For the development of agriculture, 6 greenhouses, 5 feeding platforms, 3 poultry farms, 7 pond fish farms, milk processing workshops will be built.

In addition, 48 schools, 2 clinics, a mental health center, 9 primary health care facilities, a rehabilitation center, as well as 228.1 km of power grids in 10 villages, 6 wells and "Taisoigan-Miyaly" main water pipeline, repair and reconstruction of 640 km of roads and providing 13 settlements with gas and water supply are planned.

"According to the results of the Plan, the volume of industry is expected to increase by 35% by 2025; 100% coverage of the population with water supply will be ensured; the percentage of roads in good and satisfactory condition will reach 95%; 3.5 mln.sw.m of housing will be commissioned," - added the Head of MNE.

The updated development plan of Mangistau region consists of 226 activities, with a total amount of funding of KZT 2.1 tln.

According to the plan, the implementation of Phase-3 in development of Donga field and construction of a petrochemical complex in Aktau is planned in the region.

At the same time it is planned to implement 25 investment projects and subsidy to increase productivity and quality of fish production, as well as develop the fish breeding.

It also provides for the construction and repair of 1,059 km of local roads, 87.9 km of power grids, 116 km of heating networks, as well as construction of 9 projects of desalination plants and installations.

As part of development of the social area it is planned to build a central district hospital, 24 schools and 11 additional buildings, and to equip five colleges.

According to the Minister, as a result of the work conducted in Mangistau region, the volume of industry will increase by 28%, the flow of tourists - by 4.6 times, the percentage of roads in good and satisfactory condition will reach 100% and 4 mln.sq.m of housing will be commissioned.

"Implementation of Comprehensive Plans will increase the growth rates of the economy of the western regions, give impetus to the influx of private investment and ensure an improvement in the quality of life and well-being of the population. By 2025 it is planned to attract about KZT 13 tln. of private investment in four regions and create about 175 thousand new jobs, "- said the Head of the Economic Department.

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