Pharmacology Development Program will be adopted


During a working trip to Karaganda region, Askar Mamin held a meeting on the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan.

«The pharmaceutical industry of Kazakhstan has a great potential for development. The main task is to make a breakthrough in the domestic production of medicines and medical devices, providing sufficient supplies and expanding the range of products. The population of the country should have free access to high - quality medical products» - the Prime Minister said.

In the context of the pandemic, by the end of 7 months of 2020, the volume of production of pharmaceutical enterprises increased by 23.2% to KZT 70.2 billion. There are 96 enterprises in the industry, including 33 for medicines, 41 for medical devices, and 22 for medical equipment. As part of the Industrialization Map, 41 projects were commissioned with an investment amount of KZT 62.9 billion and the creation of 5 thousand new jobs. The «growth points» of Kazakhstani pharmaceutical industry are located in Almaty, Shymkent, Almaty and Karaganda regions.

For the further development of domestic pharmaceutical production, the head of Government instructed the Ministry of Industry to develop and submit a Draft Program for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry in September 2020, taking into account the views of the business community.

The Ministry of Health, together with SK-Pharmacy, was instructed to review the mechanisms for planning the availability of medicines in medica.organizations, optimize the requirements for registering medicines, and introduce a system for forecasting the volume of purchases for domestic manufacturers.
It should be noted that the level of digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry and medical institutions is under special control of the Government.

Minister of Health Alexey Tsoi said on his page in the social network about the lack of monitoring of the availability of medicines in retail chains of pharmacies.

«In this regard, it is extremely important for us to continue working on digitalization of all healthcare sectors. At the moment, 43 public services are provided in the health sector, of which 35 or 82% have been converted to electronic format. By the end of the year, we plan to increase this number to 90%, which will significantly reduce corruption risks and administrative barriers» -Tsoi wrote.

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