National commodity distribution system


24 wholesale and distribution centers connected by a single digital system will optimize the supply chain of products from the manufacturer to the consumer, create the necessary conditions for storage, effective distribution and sale of products.

This was stated by the Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov during the reporting meeting with the citizens, reports

«Reducing commodity losses will provide farmers with the opportunity to further invest in improving productivity. In addition, the private manufacturer will have full direct access to sales markets and pre-sale trading infrastructure. It will significantly increase the income of both the private owner and the industry as a whole. The consumer, in turn, will receive high-quality safe products and improved service. Moreover, according to our calculations, prices for socially important food products will be reduced. If the system fully works, then about 45 percent, we can get such a reduction in prices. This will save about KZT 60 billion annually for our consumers»,- the Minister said.

The National commodity distribution system will contribute to price stability.

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