Preliminary data: 8,030,739 people in Kazakhstan


According to preliminary data, 8,030,739 citizens received ballots for voting in the republican referendum on making amendments and additions to the Constitution of the RK, the Secretary of the Central Referendum Commission Mukhtar Yerman told INA "Kazinform".


"The Central Referendum Commission reports that as of 22:00 Moscow time, voting has been completed in all regions of the country and at 25 polling stations abroad. Voting continues at 40 polling stations at representative offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan in foreign countries.


According to preliminary data provided by territorial commissions of oblasts, cities of republican significance and the capital, the statistics of citizens' participation in the referendum was: Akmola region - 73.81%, Aktobe region - 58.06%, Almaty region - 72.83%, Atyrau region - 67.68%, West Kazakhstan region - 69.37%, Zhambyl region - 69.59%, Karaganda region - 77.39%, Kostanai region - 72.28%, Kyzylorda region - 79.89%, Mangistau region - 61.19%, Pavlodar region - 75.53%, North Kazakhstan region - 75.49%, Turkestan region - 80.66%, East Kazakhstan region - 77.49%, the city of Nur-Sultan - 57.06%, Almaty - 33.30%, Shymkent - 72.53%," - said Mukhtar Yerman.

According to his statement, there are 11,734,642 people on the list of citizens who have the right and opportunity to participate in the referendum across the country. 8,030,739 citizens received a ballot. This amounts to 68.44% of the residents on the voting list. 


"The referendum commissions have begun counting the votes. Tomorrow we are waiting for the protocols of the territorial commissions to arrive electronically. Preliminary results of the voting will be presented at a briefing. Its time will be announced additionally," informed the secretary of the Central Referendum Commission.

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Saved: 13.04.2024

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