Reporting meeting of the Minister of Economy with the population


Ruslan Dalenov’s reporting meeting with population was held on Monday, June 8. 
The reporting meeting was broadcast live on the ministry's official Facebook pages, as well as on the YouTube channel.

Kazakhstanis sent their questions to the minister through call centers and Internet resources of the ministry.

At the beginning of his report, R. Dalenov said that in 2019 the country's GDP growth was 4.5%, inflation - 5.4%, population incomes - 6.5%, investment in fixed assets -8.5% unemployment - 4, 8% export - $ 58 billion.

The inter-trade turnover amounted to 96 billion tenge in 2019.

Speaking about the indicators of the current year, the Minister noted a decrease in business activity caused by pandemic. Over the past 4 months, GDP declined by about 2%. 

At the same time, in order to stimulate GDP growth and support business, the government has taken a number of economic measures such as tax incentives and credit facilitation.

These are tax incentives such as credit facilitation.

In 2020, "DAMU" Entrepreneurship Development Fund will provide up to 85% of guarantees for microcredit loans. This will improve the financing conditions for entrepreneurs. 

Simplification of microcredit procedures will also occur due to the application processing procedure. Already in July, appeals will be considered in an accelerated mode.

“Over the past year and four months, support was provided to 6 thousand projects (MSB - ed.)” Ruslan Dalenov reported. According to him, 1,740 microloans of 19.9 billion tenge with an annual lending rate of 6% were sold in cities under the Enbek program.

3105 projects of 197.1 billion tenge with a rate of 8.5% was supported by the "Business Road Map" program. The “Economics of simple things” project carried out concessional lending to 1409 projects in the amount of 185.7 billion tenge (6% rate).

At present, Kazakhstan keeps a Maratorium on inspections of small and micro businesses, the minister emphasized. According to him, "within 3 years, about 100 thousand audits will not be carried out."

In addition, the 8th package of business climate improving legislative initiatives has been developed to support entrepreneurs.

The Minister of National Economy also noted that in the international rating of entrepreneurship development Doing business, Kazakhstan currently ranks 25th, while a year earlier it was on the 28th position of a similar study by the World Bank.

Today the share of SMEs in the economy is 30.8%, 3.4 mln. person.

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