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Rakhim Oshakbayev, the Deputy Head of the special monitoring group, Director of Talap Center for Applied Research, proposed to create Open Budget Rating of various government authorities.

Oshakbayev noted that the country needs to raise citizen budget awareness at all levels. At the same time, public access needs to be expanded in order to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency of the Budget System.

"We should transfer to a completely different level of the budget efficiency, so that it doesn't happen, as, for example, new curbs are replaced with other new curbs. There are such stories probably in every city, and it suggests that citizens are not always happy with this as the end beneficiaries. The Agency created, an open budget interactive map, where state institutions fill in data on the budget and indicators, and, accordingly, it is assumed that users can select their region, find the budget they are interested in, for example, a hospital, then study it and give feedback. Thus, the project solves such an important area as the availability of important budget information in the context of specific government authorities," Oshakbayev said during online briefing on Anti-Corruption Service platform.
At the same time, according to Oshakbayev, the main problem of transparency, openness and accountability of budgets is "first of all, a very low interest of the population", which is a problem in all countries, including developed ones. We need to find active members and volunteers interested in this.

To recap, the project "Open Budget Interactive Map" ( is functioning to assess the budget efficiency of social facilities and infrastructure, and which contains information about the allocated budget funds. That is, with the map, every resident of the region can see how, what for and in what amount budget money is spent.

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