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Meeting with the Presidential Personnel Reserve


During the meeting with the reservists, Ruslan Dalenov spoke about the main activities and priorities of the Ministry of National Economy for the implementation of the Presidential Address.

"There are 10 main sub-topics in the area of economic development, ranging from SMEs development to industrial policy. This will form the foundation of the new economic policy. It is assumed that the new economic strategy will be developed in November of this year," Ruslan Dalenov said during the meeting.

According to the Minister, proposals will be developed to improve corporate governance and reform the quasi-public sector. Within the economic development in new realities, special attention is paid to attraction of a new wave of investment. A new tool, the strategic investment agreement, will be introduced. This involves providing a single package of financial and non-financial support measures for the implementation of strategic investment projects. This includes the stability of legal conditions for the entire execution period of the investment project.

As the Head of the Economic Department noted, SMEs support and development will continue, including in the affected economy sectors.

In addition, Dalenov addressed the reservists, communicating them on the creation of an Expert Council that will work to improve the structure of the Ministry, as well as promote the idea of a hearing state. "We have created a Governing Council in the Ministry. It included three representatives from the Ministry and three representatives from the Expert Community. The point is that the directors and authorities of the Ministry report to the Council on the ongoing reform and receive feedback. We had an idea to include a representative from the Personnel Reserve in our Expert Council", he concluded.

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