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Since the beginning of this year, the pension savings of the UAPF of Kazakhstan have increased by KZT 1.4 trillion, or 13%.

During the specified period, pension contributions totaling KZT 685.6 billion were received on depositors' accounts, which exceeded the figure for eight months of the previous year by 8%.

As of September 1 of this year, the total amount of pension savings exceeded KZT 12.2 trillion. Mandatory pension contributions amount to KZT 11.9 trillion, or 97.6% of the total savings.The amount of pension savings for mandatory professional pension contributions amounted to KZT 294 billion (2.4%), the amount of pension savings for voluntary pension contributions exceeded KZT 2 billion (0.02%).

Payments since the beginning of the year amounted to KZT 117.5 billion, most of which accounted for payments for age (KZT 39.5 billion), for permanent residence outside the Republic of Kazakhstan (KZT 23.3 billion), transfers to insurance organizations (KZT 31.5 billion), heirs (KZT 19.8 billion), for burial (KZT 2.4 billion).

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Saved: 28.09.2020

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