Zhas Zertteushi - 2020


Economic Research Institute JSC announces the launch of Common cause - Common goal - Prosperity of Kazakhstan Intellectual Project and Zhas Zertteushi - 2020 National Competition.

If you are:

- 3-4-year student, graduate student or Master under 29 years of age;
- studying in a higher education institution in economic and financial specialties; - planning to improve your expert and analytical skills;
- wishing to participate in research on current social and economic issues;

You will look for new solutions in the course of session.organized by the Institute in Zhas Zertteushi-2020 School.

Please note that to participate in the Competition, you shall prepare the following documents:

- Application filled out according to the form;
- CV;
- Essay* on one selected topic;
- ID (copy);
- Certificates, certificates of achievement (copies);
- Scientific publications (theses, articles, etc.) (copies).

*An Essay shall be written in Kazakh or Russian with no more than 1,000 printed characters, size 14, font - Times New Roman, spacing - single, page parameters: top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm, left - 2.5 cm, right - 2 cm, and reflect:

- relevance of the research topic;
- the author's working hypothesis on the selected topic;
- analysis of the current situation;
- conclusions and proposals.

The winners of the Competition will have the opportunity to take online courses in Economics at Zhas Zertteushi-2020 School in March 2021, and will also be able to conduct a joint study with the Institute's experts to improve their expert and analytical skills.

The outcome will be a collective analytical note on one of these topics, as well as the co-publication of research article with the experts of the Institute in one of the journals recommended by the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Terms of application period for the Competition - until December 01, 2020 (by 06.30 pm).

The list of the Online Competition winners will be published on the websites of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Economic Research Institute after December 21, 2020.

Essays and all necessary documents of the Competition Participants are sent to: konkurs@eri.kz with a mandatory indication of the Essay's topic.

Responsible person, providing explanations on the competitive documentation and application registration - Gulmira Kashkinbekova, phone 8-701-227-37-72.
The competitive documentation is available on the website of the Economic Research Institute at: http://economy.kz

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