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Child Well-Being is the Key to the Country's Prosperity Round Table

Children are a bridge to the future, and caring for them requires our commitment and responsibility.


Today in Kazakhstan, nine ministries and departments are involved in ensuring child well-being, and at the local level there are about 1,000 educational, health and social welfar.organizations. Human Rights Ombudsman and Children's Rights Ombudsman play an important role. Under their initiatives, many issues related to the rights of the population and children are being resolved.

The impact of the quality of life of children on the social and economic sustainability of the country will be discussed in more detail at the  Child Well-Being is the Key to the Country's Prosperity Round Table Plenary, where Elvira Azimova, Gwyther Rees and Bauyrzhan Mukan will be the speakers.


Elvira Azimova — Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Kazakhstan;


Gwyther Rees is an international expert in the field of social and economic policy, the author of many studies and the developer of the child well-being method, Italy;


Bauyrzhan Mukan — Candidate of Economic Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Economic Research Institute JSC.

Please be reminded, the Round Table live broadcast will be on June 15 at 03.00 pm on our official YouTube channel of the Economic Research Institute of Kazakhstan, as well as on the Facebook channel


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A detailed schedule of online events within the framework of the ERI 60th anniversary, please see here

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