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Child Well-Being is the Key to the Country's Prosperity Round Table

Digital technologies significantly change childhood and the life of adolescents, affecting many social processes: how children learn and receive information, find friends, form and maintain social ties, how they spend their free time and interact with society as a whole.

It is believed that children and adolescents are most vulnerable to the risks associated with the spread of digital technologies. On the one side, they provide great opportunities, but they pose a threat to the well-being of children through malicious content or cyberbullying.

In the second panel session of the Round table "Children's Well-Being is the Key to the Country's Prosperity", Kazakhstani experts in the fields of child psychology, security, bullying and cyberbullying will talk about the current state and progress in childhood issues:

  • Zhanat Amanova, Clinical psychologist, Department  of Student’s Welfare of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO;

  • Khalida Azhigulova, Doctor of Law, National Coordinator of the Street Law Kazakhstan educational project on human rights and protection of children against violence, bullying and cyber bullying;

  • Dinara Kusain, Child Safety and Family Development Expert, Master of Family and Human Development.

Please be reminded, the Round Table live broadcast will be on June 15 at 03.00 pm on our official YouTube channel of the Economic Research Institute of Kazakhstan, as well as on the Facebook channel


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A detailed schedule of online events within the framework of the ERI 60th anniversary, please see here

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