SCO Consortium Expert Group Meeting


The Expert Group of the SCO Consortium of Economic Think Tanks, chaired by Economic Research Institute (ERI) JSC met on December 14.

Following the second meeting of the SCO Consortium an expert group was formed to develop common approaches and methodology for the analysis of macroeconomic trends, as instructed by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev during the SCO Summit on September 17, 2021.


During the meeting, the participants of the expert group presented their recommendations for analysis and discussed the structure and interaction mechanism of the Consortium for 2022.  


Dolores Tyulebekova, the Director of the ERI Centre, proposed to calculate macroeconomic indicators, analyse export positions and identify the main drivers of economic growth within the SCO.


Olga Ponomaryova from the Institute of International Economics and Finance of Russia also presented an interesting proposal. This is to review trends at the global and country level on a list of indicators that the SCO countries would agree on. In addition, she suggested examining the background to these trends.


The representative of Tajikistan, Mavzuna Karimova, noted that macro-trend analysis correlates with the activities of think tanks. However, it is necessary to identify priority sectors for all SCO countries within the framework of the task outlined.


Summarising all the proposals, Dr Ram Upedra Das (India) encouraged all participants to discuss joint research and approaches on these topics at the next webinar in January-February 2022.


Following the meeting, it was decided that the Kazakh side would form the structure of the study and the action plan for 2022.


Recall that Kazakhstan chaired the SCO Consortium of Economic Think Tanks in 2021; next year, 2022, it will be chaired by China.



The SCO Consortium is a consultative and expert platform established to conduct analysis on priority areas of economic interaction within the SCO and to develop recommendations. The Regulations on the SCO Consortium of Economic Think Tanks were approved were approved with the Resolution of the SCO Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) No.120 on November 02, 2019.

This year, the SCO Consortium is chaired by the Economic Research Institute, designated as a member of the Consortium on behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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