Practical seminars on localization of SDGs


On March 14-15, employees of the Economic Research Institute JSC (ERI) jointly with the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan and the UNDP and with the support of Akimats of Shymkent and Karaganda regions held a series of practical seminars for local executive bodies on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and presentations of the Second Voluntary Review project on SDGs.

On the first day, a seminar was held for the staff of the akimats. During the presentation, the staff of the SDGs Secretariat of Economic Research Institute presented the main institutional measures for nationalization and localization of the SDGs. Then an interactive discussion was held to identify current problems and solutions in the two regions, as well as the formation of necessary steps to localize the SDGs. Participants were also introduced to the draft of the Second Voluntary National Review, which will be presented in mid-July of this year at the High-Level Political Forum.

 Bakytgul Khambar, Director of the SDGs Secretariat of ERI, during the seminar


"Mission 2030" business game was held during the second day. It was attended by representatives of different spheres: local executive bodies, representatives of civil society, independent experts, representatives of private sector.

The "Mission 2030" game is aimed at identifying current problems in the cities of Shymkent and Karaganda, as well as at finding sustainable solutions and developing proactive measures. The results of the game will be taken into account at the next stage of implementation of the SDGs in Kazakhstan and presented in the section of the second Voluntary National Review of Kazakhstan.

Deputy Director of the SDGs Secretariat Altyngul Utebaeva leads the "Mission 2030" game

Leading Expert of ERI Madina Nurzhanova moderates the "Mission 2030" game  

Note: The "Mission 2030" game was held in Kazakhstan for the first time in 2019. As previous experience with the business game has shown, "Mission 2030" is an effective tool in the process of localizing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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