Improving basic conditions for digital transformation of business in Kazakhstan


OECD webinar on "Improving basic conditions for digital transformation of business in Kazakhstan" was held on April 7. Experts from Economic Research Institute JSC took part in discussions.

This event became the official beginning of the peer assessment in the area of basic conditions for digital business development in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is held in cooperation with the Government of Kazakhstan with the financial support of the European Union.

OECD experts presented the methodology, objectives and procedure of peer assessment during this webinar. The main part of the webinar was devoted to the discussion of priority issues identification that should be included into the assessment.


At the opening of this event, the First Vice-Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Zhaslan Madiyev noted that in recent years Kazakhstan has implemented a number of reforms aimed at expanding the use of digital communication channels. The Vice-Minister also said that "Digital Kazakhstan" Programme, the implementation of which began in 2018, contributed to the successful development of a comprehensive system of "digital government" and launched the process of forming the legal and regulatory conditions for the country's transition to a digital economy, and thanked the OECD experts for the opportunity to cooperate in the digitalization of business.


Amélie Schurich Rey, the Economist/ Policy Analyst, OECD Eurasia Division, noted some aspects that relate to peer assessment in Kazakhstan as part of her presentation:

- expanding access to infrastructure and communication services is a prerequisite;

- increased competition and greater openness of the economy to foreign direct investment can enhance the effect of government measures to develop the telecommunications infrastructure.


The webinar concluded with a podium discussion, during which representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the OECD and Kazakhstan businesses discussed the results of relatively recent measures to support digital transformation of the private sector in Kazakhstan.


OECD representatives took note of all the priorities identified by the participants and will take them into account in the assessment.


For reference: OECD is an international economi.organization of developed countries, established in 1948 and recognizing the principles of representative democracy and free market economy. The goal of the OECD is to implement coordinated policies aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth and improving the living standards of its member states. 37 countries are members of the OECD. Kazakhstan has been cooperating with the OECD since 2008.

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