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ENACTUS Kazakhstan National EXPO 2022


On May 12-13 the Radisson Hotel (Nur-Sultan) hosts ENACTUS Kazakhstan National EXPO 2022, which brings together over 100 universities and schools from all regions of Kazakhstan.


Enactus members implement projects that help people improve their lives and cover 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Teams are evaluated by representatives of the government of Kazakhstan, big business, the nongovernmental sector, and international organizations.


The best SDG project will be presented on behalf of Kazakhstan at the World Cup in Puerto Rico in October 2022.


 Performance of one of the participants of the National Cup


For reference: Enactus - an international nonprofit organization of participants, academic and business leaders from around the world who are committed to using entrepreneurial opportunities and SDG principles to improve the quality and standard of living of people in need.


ENtrepreneurial - the ability to see the opportunities that exist and the talent to capitalize on those opportunities.


ACTion - the desire to act and follow through, even if the outcome is not guaranteed.


US — a group of people who are bound together by a common goal that makes them part of a whole.


One of the speakers at the event was Yerlan Karimov, The Deputy Director of the SDG Secretariat of the Economic Research Institute JSC, who told participants about the importance of implementing SDG projects and shared his experience in implementing environmental, social and economic projects as an Enactus team adviser.


To conduct outreach on the SDG, the Economic Research Institute JSC organized a mobile exhibition of art installations on the SDG at the hotel.


The exhibition allows more than 500 participants to learn more about the history of Kazakhstan and the current challenges of our time through the prism of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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