ERI experts held a business game "Mission 2030" for Almaty students


On October 20, employees of the Economic Research Institute JSC at the invitation of Almaty Management University held a business game "Mission 2030".

The game was attended by students of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, Almaty Management University, Kazakh-British Technical University, KIMEP University, Narkhoz University.

From left to right: ERI analyst Yeldos Abdygali, ERI Leading Expert Madina Nurzhanova, ERI Deputy Director Altyngul Utebayeva, Vice-Rector for Science Almaty Management University Bakhytzhan Sarkeev, ERI Leading Expert Natalia Novokshanova

Opening the event, Gulnara Kurenkeeva, Rector of Almaty Management University, thanked the Economic Research Institute JSC for cooperation and noted that the Sustainable Development Goals are the global Agenda until 2030 and cover a wide range of tasks facing the country. At the same time, it is important that young people take the goals and principles of sustainable development as a slogan and promote them in life.
The business game "Mission 2030" takes place in groups. Each group works out one priority task of sustainable development for them and, as a result of the game, develops a holistic concept for its implementation during the discussion.

The participants of the business game "Mission 2030" have worked out solutions to the following priority areas of sustainable development:
  • ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all;
  • creation of strategic mechanisms that take into account the interests of the poor and gender aspects; 
  • reducing all forms of violence against children;
  • ensuring labor rights and safe working conditions;
  • implementation of climate change response measures in planning policy;
  • conducting research, technologies, investments in the field of clean energy. 

Mahabbat Zhanbulatova, a student of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, noted that it is necessary to introduce new methods of teaching and involving students, increase their interest.

The participants of the game believe that young people should have access to quality education, invested not only by the state, but also by foreign investors — the opening of new schools and higher educational institutions. Successful entrepreneurs can finance in seminars and trainings for students to improve their competencies and skills in a particular area. Academic mobility also needs to be developed.

To conduct research, attract technology and investment in the field of clean energy, according to participants, it is necessary to intensify international cooperation in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, technology in the rational use of fossil fuels. The students proposed the creation of a Unified Energy Development Center to exchange experiences on the rational use of resources, advanced equipment and technologies in the field of energy, etc.

Balnur Kassymova, a student at Almaty Management University, when presenting priorities for reducing all forms of violence against children, noted, «The family and family values are the most important foundation in the education of children and the place where tolerance and respect for others should be taught, so that children will not show violence against other children». 

Participants noted that it is in the family that the child should be heard and supported.

«To ensure labor rights and safe working conditions for socially vulnerable people it is necessary to introduce a hotline at enterprises, where employees can apply if their rights are violated. In addition, enterprises need to develop a corporate culture with a focus on socially vulnerable populations», — said Irina Putinina, a student at Narxoz University.

KBTU student Shokin Gulommukhidinov highlighted the development of industries and subsidies in support of socially vulnerable populations when developing strategic mechanisms that take into account the interests of the poor and gender aspects.

Students from Almaty universities demonstrated a high interest in the Global Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 during the business game.

The staff of the Economic Research Institute JSC noted their interest and high potential in broadcasting global initiatives and finding practical solutions.

The business game "Mission 2030" was developed by UNDP experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2019, it was adapted by the staff of the Economic Research Institute JSC for Kazakhstan. Business game "Mission 2030" is held in order to identify the participants the main priorities of development and to develop ways to solve them.

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