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Harmonization of SDGs Financing


September 30 was the first day of the Training Session on Harmonization of the Financing System for the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan organized by Kazakhstan together with UNDP, UNICEF, ESCAP and ADB.

The Session was attended by representatives of international organizations, the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Finance and employees of the Economic Research Institute (ERI).

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of the UN, is developing an assessment of COVID-19 impact on the total available Financing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

In order to provide further support to Kazakhstan, the UN is launching a Joint Program.

The Joint Program focuses on implementing the priority reforms needed to implement an Integrated National Finance Structure. The Program aims to strengthen the capacity of government authorities by creating a favorable legal, political and regulatory environment for targeted economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.

The Session is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Economic Research Institute. This is the first technical session for ERI and the key external partners.

On the first day of the Session, the special attention was paid to ERI activities - both with the international and national context of SDGs financing, as well as on SDGs financing methodology.

1st day speakers

Mr. Gregory De Paepe (UNDP) reported on the updated finance assessment methodology.

Mr. DanielJeong-DaeLee (ESCAP) presented ESCAP guidelines in determining SDGs cost estimate.

Ms. PamelaDale (UNICEF) explained the work of UNICEF in analyzing the child budget in Kazakhstan.

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