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COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth


On October 7, the International Conference COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth will be held online.
One of the speakers will be Professor Claude Abitbol (Universite de Paris). "Reflections on economic recovery, best world practices" is stated in the scientist's report.  

Mr. Abitbol is engaged in research, technological and cultural cooperation programs between France, Europe and Kazakhstan. His research focuses on the development of medicine, transport, energy, environment, ecosystems of the Aral Sea and Semipalatinsk, food industry, as well as the development of civil servants, and management.

The international expert has been studying the socio-economic indicators of Kazakhstan for a long time, in 2007 - 2010 he served as the research consultant at the French Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Recovery from the recession exacerbated by the pandemic and quarantines in various countries will progress with a certain dynamics. This is already evident in the economic recovery processes in Europe and Asia. At the same time, any crisis is a harbinger of fundamental changes that are the general trend for the world's economies. Thus, capital flows are now being redistributed everywhere. Global production chains will change and international trade volumes will decrease, primarily in traditional industries. New areas of global transformations will require considerable time for society and states to understand them and adapt to them. 

There is a question: where should we expect the inflow of funds required for the economy? 

There are always several options. Companies of the new format, the interaction of governments and social measures can contribute to the economic growth. Moreover, there are opportunities to attract foreign investment…

The Economic Research Institute invites you to an open discussion on economic recovery in Kazakhstan.

Our foreign guests will share their knowledge in the field of macroeconomics, analytical forecasts, and cases of the introduction of local post-crisis measures.

Cooperation at all levels is essential for overall growth, so join us!

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