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COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth


Uncertainty about public health, economics, and therefore energy before the end of 2020 is unprecedented. But we are learning from this crisis.
Global Energy Market Prospects: Post-View, Climate Change and Fossil-to-Renewable Energy Transition on the 2050 Horizon. Mr. Jean-Pierre Cordier will talk about this in his speech on October 7 at the online conference COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth.

Jean-Pierre Cordier began his career in the oil industry as a geophysicist in 1972 and has held various positions in exploration and production in France, Canada and Angola. He worked for about 12 years at Total, as Vice-President from 2008 to 2013, and is President of the International Commission "Sociétéd'Encouragement pour l'IndustrieNationale".

In response to the exceptional circumstances associated with the coronavirus pandemic, forecasts for the global energy sector have changed. 

As the International Energy Agency rightly points out, a sharp downturn in the oil market may jeopardize the transition to clean energy due to a decrease in momentum for energy efficiency policies. Without government action, cheaper energy always forces consumers to use it less efficiently. This reduces the attractiveness of buying more efficient cars or converting buildings to save energy. Thus, States should keep the green agenda in mind and create additional initiatives to introduce renewable energy sources. …

New energy infrastructure. Prospects, expectations, opportunities. Let's talk about it!

October 7, at 14.00 on the YouTube channel of the Institute.

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