COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth


Today, on October 7, at 14.00, the International Conference COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth ("COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth") will be held online.
The video conference will be moderated by Nurbek Yergeshbayev, Head of the Secretariat of the OECD National Contact Point, Adviser to the Chairman of the Management Board of the Economic Research Institute JSC.

Over the years, Nurbek Yergeshbayev was an Independent Consultant to the World Bank in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Adviser of Department of Europe the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RK, Director of Department of Economic Integration Centre for Trade Policy Development under the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan, Director of the International Relations Department of "NC Astana EXPO-2017" JSC, the Vice-President, a member of the Management Board of "Kazakhstan Center of Business Cooperation "ATAKENT" JSC, the Director of International Cooperation Department of "NC "QazEXPOCongress" JSC.

The Economic Research Institute invites you to an open discussion on economic recovery in Kazakhstan.

What might the recovery of the domestic economy look like?
Where should we expect the inflow of funds required for the economy? 
How soon will the effects of the virus be contained through government efforts for economic stimulus?
How will the oil collapse affect the economies of fuel exporting and importing countries?
What will be the crisis recovery for each of the countries?

We will talk about this today, at 14.00 at the COVID-19: a challenge for economic growth conference. Live broadcast on the YouTube channel of Economic Research Institute.

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